“Link journalism”

An interesting discussion is taking place over at the forums regarding “link journalism.”

“How can newsrooms do more online with fewer resources? By leveraging the reporting that bloggers in their communities have ALREADY published on the web. Using “local link journalism,” reporters can seek out and link to reporting on a story that’s been published across their local blogosphere and just needs to be pulled together.

And isn’t pulling together the threads of a story what journalists do?”

So which is it? Bloggers are denied press credentials but it’s OK to report on their content in lieu of traditional journalism fulfilling its intended purpose?

Says Melody:

… blogs and MSM are 2 totally different things and something like this will more than likely damage MSM’s relevance and reputations.

Rebecca adds:

So apparently one needn’t earn a degree in journalism, and instead needs just the ability to compile the links, thoughts, and information from other sources— other sources which, as noted, provide a very different service and outlook from traditional journalism.

It’s taking traditional journalism even one step further from the actual source, from the actual content.

Is there a more sensible way for social and traditional medias to collaborate? Say your piece over on the forums.


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