Welcome to the St. Louis Bloggers Guild

A little while ago a group of us decided that the time for an organization, albeit a loose one, was necessary as bloggers are gaining ground in terms of recognition and credibility. There wasn’t an organization specifically designed to serve bloggers so we created one. We realize that we have value and that our responsibility lies in being good stewards of our resources.

Other entities realize this too and as of such are courting bloggers for marketing purposes or aggregating their feeds to track the news that the mainstream media doesn’t give us. Part of our reason for forming this organization was to protect ourselves from exploitation. Regardless of whether or not you are paid for your words, your work has value. We also wanted to create a community that would serve to inform us, provide us with opportunities; we also wanted to harness our abilities and get involved with community outreach such as mentoring and social media awareness. This site will help to keep us informed, active, and connected.

We’re all friends and associates with a vested interest in our online (and offline) community. Please have patience with us as we tweak things on this website – there are more updates on the way. If you’re a blogger, we’d love your company.

Be sure to check out the posts about the Guild’s launch from some of our members: Prologos, A Bun’s Life, Little Bald Doctors, Mamalogues, Midwestern Mommy, News Bitch, The State of Discontent, WOBL in Training, and The Broad Brush.


The members of the St. Louis Bloggers Guild

*UPDATE: We’re still tweaking. Many thanks for your patience!!


4 Responses to “Welcome to the St. Louis Bloggers Guild”

  1. Dana, can we change the link for the forum in the sidebar to the new forum? That way when people go to sign up they can immediately go register themselves to join the forum as well.

  2. Andrea – I’ve made the update.. will update the forums format asap as well..

  3. Got my post up! Good to see everyone already jumping in to support and represent.

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