Food and fun this Saturday

Come join us on Saturday, April 19, at Atomic Cowboy for the next St. Louis Bloggers get-together.  Many of the founding members of the St. Louis Bloggers Guild will be there; you can meet us, ask questions, and get involved in our efforts. 

Thank you to all who have applied for membership; we’re working as fast as we can and your patience is appreciated.  More information and updates will provided shortly.  Stay tuned; it’s an exciting time and we’ve many plans.  For those of you outside of the St. Louis area, you are invited to show your support of the Guild.


3 Responses to “Food and fun this Saturday”

  1. Also, don’t forget that they have offered bloggers two-for-one drinks specials!

  2. Two for one drinks is sweet.

    What kind of food do they have there? I need to eat dinner before I drink.

  3. Can’t wait to hook up with everyone again this weekend.
    Just ran a post up the flagpole over on my blog and made sure to mention this get together.

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