Bloggers Rocked Atomic Cowboy


So the party wasn’t exactly this way; no one was dancing on the bar when I left anyway. It was quite the shindig though.  Atomic Cowboy is a great spot for a party.

The Atomic Cowboy found us pouring in about 6:30 on Saturday.  Early bird bloggers were already on hand and the conversation was flowing.  It wouldn’t be long until the drinks and food were on their way.

A reserved space for us provided a good bit of seating for bloggers and friends alike, but we mostly huddled around a few tables and sat close. It right away seemed like a family gathering, with old friends chatting it up, and new introductions around.

The dynamics were neat to watch as little groups chatted almost shoulder to shoulder. Sudden shifts happened though as someone got up. New huddles would form with different people.  The conversation would shift just as suddenly, and not always about blogging.

Bloggers we may be, but people is all we are.  Conversations about politics, religion, photography and more went around.  Talk of the best hang outs in St. Louis, the worst dives, and the best eateries could be heard as well. And yes, there was talk about blogging as well.

St. Louis has some great bloggers and not a few were on hand, mingling like friends. Some of them even got into serious blogging and social media topics.  There were blogging and Internet war stories to be sure, but also some inside scoop. Where else but in a group like this could you hear stories about Scoble, Pulver and the likes.  Talk of podcamps and blogger conferences circled the room.  Some hints of upcoming things were whispered, but those are for another post.

Great time? Yeah.  Do it again? For sure? When? For that you’ll have to check back here.  Sorry for the scant details, and nope, no name dropping this time.  There were bloggers of all types there though.  Take that as a sign that if you blog, you’re welcome.

Pictures were taken by several folks in attendance, myself included.  Those will be up soon, as well as other articles about the get together.

The social events like this are open to anyone to come by and join the fun.  If you’re interested in becoming a member though, and finding out about all of the upcoming things the guild has planned, be sure to contact us.


One Response to “Bloggers Rocked Atomic Cowboy”

  1. I had a great time, and the atmosphere was awesome! It really felt like we were just hanging out at someone’s house, minus the bill at the end, which wasn’t even that bad with the 2-1 special! It was so nice getting to know some people on a more personal level, and those I didn’t get a chance to talk to, hopefully I will be able to next time!

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