Welcome new members!

The STLBG would like to extend a hearty welcome to, and introduce, our newest members. Please take a moment to visit the websites of these writers and photographers:

47 Thoughts: “A city living architect and mom” offering “a fourth floor view of life.”

All Things Pink: “My journey through life and business as a designer and photographer.”

One Dad’s Life: From the underrepresented niche of dad-blogging.

Parachuting Without A Net
“Random thoughts on the random events which happen to me at random. This blog started for fun, then I started to use it to get me through my divorce. Now I use it to help me get through the deaths of my two daughters, Jessica and Kelli.”

Patrick Says “Geek. Father. Husband. Agnostic. Liberal.’ That’s really the core, pretty much in order.”

Progblogstl: “A teacher, student, liberal, feminist, environmentalist, and all-around loudmouth.”

STL Homeboy: “Where one St. Louis stay-at-home dad seeks to answer the important questions in life: Is there any way to look cool wearing a Baby Bjorn? Is that a dead rodent my daughter is holding to her ear? Why does the baby’s head smell like stinky feet?”

Three Boys and Me: “A study in male-dominated household ailments (MDHA) associated with being a female outnumbered in a house of boys.”

Three Times the Love: Freelance writer mother manages a motley [Ed. note: and adorably delicious] crewe of children. “Never a dull moment.”

Walljm: Super cool photographer, poet, and Christian blogger.

Word to your Mutha: Anyone who dresses up as this woman did for her masthead is a proven GOOD TIME.

Working Mother of Two:Give this woman an award.


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  1. Thanks for the intro!

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