The St. Louis Interactive Festival

The St. Louis Bloggers Guild is please to announce our new project, in conjunction with Playback:stl: St. Louis’s first interactive festival to be part of Play:STL, the successful music festival organized by the folks at Playback. The festival is held in September at the U City Loop; this year it will take place September 18 – 20 with a kickoff cocktail meet-and-greet on Wednesday, September 17th.

The Interactive festival is a way for the blogging, vlogging, podcasting, etc. community to connect with each other and with the general public by way of sessions, panels, workshops, and possible business opportunities. Similar to SXSW, STL Interactive will showcase its social media scene and educate the community as to how they can also benefit from this medium.

We’re currently lining up speakers and deciding upon sessions, panel, and workshop themes. We’ve had phenomenal feedback so far before even going public. We’d love to involve even more area bloggers and participants in the social media community. Several corporate sponsors have already signed on to support this first-of-its-kind event in our city; we’re aiming for more.

Interested in participating? Sponsoring a panel, session, workshop, or musical stage? Interested in joining area vendors by setting up a booth? Let us know! Contact Dana at mamalogues dot com (interactive) or J dunn at bigfatcat dot net (music and the rest) for details.

Also – thanks to everyone who attended the first public meeting of the STLBG. Please make a point to attend the next STLBG meeting 10am on Saturday, June 14th at the Benton Park Cafe!


5 Responses to “The St. Louis Interactive Festival”

  1. I’d love to participate in a panel on corporate blogging, or personal blogging under the watchful eye of a business.

  2. What can I do? I leave it to your discretion to assign my talents.

    Sorry I missed the meeting, babysitter issues. I’m 99% sure I’m making the next meeting!

  3. I would love to particpate, I am just not sure what you would like me to do…….I am open to suggestions / recommendations.
    I feel like I am ‘just’ a mommy blogger without much to contribute to the event other than time and energy.

    I have an accounting/finance backround (maybe?). As with Kim, I trust your discretion. Sorry, I had to miss the last meeting.

  4. How can the St. Louis Science Center become involved?

  5. Hey Dana,

    This is Kopper from the GaragePunk Podcast Network at (podcasting almost daily since August 2005 and home to a new social network called the GaragePunk Hideout that was launched about a year ago). I’m also a co-admin of The Circuit w/Bill Streeter. If you need any help with any of this stuff, just let me know.

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