STL Interactive Festival Panels

The inaugural St. Louis Interactive Festival (which is now on Twitter) will take place September 18 – 20, as part of Play:STL in the University City Loop. The St. Louis Bloggers Guild will present a series of panels at this year’s festival discussing social media.


We already have a list of great panel ideas, submitted by Guild members and other members of the St. Louis community. But, we need your help! What topics would you like to see discussed at the festival? Here some highlights from our current panel topic list, to offer you some inspiration:


Blogging 101

An introduction for newcomers to the world of blogging and social media.


Bloggers’ Rights: Protecting Your Intellectual Property

A brief introduction to basic copyright and trademark law and the Creative Commons copyright system, plus discussion on ways to confront and combat sploggers (spam bloggers) who take your work without permission.


Building a Blogging Brand

Learn how to create and maintain a unique, instantly recognizeable brand identity for all of your online endeavors from successful bloggers who have done it themselves.


CSS Tutorial

Consult with a web programming pro, and learn how to use cascading style sheets to create a unified, professional look for your site.


Intro to Podcasting

Learn the basics of creating a successful internet radio show. Talk with successful podcasters, and explore different hosting options, ways to market your new show, and ways to attract and keep loyal listeners.


The Emerging Ethics of Social Media

A roundtable discussion on the ethical questions surrounding the new world of social media. Topics addressed may include: privacy of bloggers and the people bloggers write about, truthfulness v. artistic license, email and comment ettiquette, and more.


Blogging for Profit 

Meet with bloggers who have successfully transitioned from amateur blogging to the professional blogging world. Learn basic, reputable ways you can begin to earn some monetary compensation for all the work you put into blogging, and discover pitfalls to avoid when seeking ways to turn your hobby into a source of income.


Increasing Traffic to Your Website

Learn how to use basic, legitimate Search Engine Optimization techniques to increase your search engine ranking for relevant search terms. Discover how to use directories and aggregators to broaden your audience without cutting into your traffic, and explore reputable ways to attract attention from metablogs.


Safety and Social Media

An open discussion on online safety and privacy issues that all internet users face. Explore ways to protect yourself, and your family, while pariticipating in online communities.


Mothers Who Blog

Discuss the growing, powerful community of mothers who write about the joys and trials parenting on the internet. What defines a so-called “Mommyblogger,” and how are mothers in a world increasingly lacking in in-person social connections benefitting from relationships with other parents online?


Music and Social Media

A special panel celebrating the new relationship between PLAYBACK:stl and the St. Louis Bloggers’ Guild! Explore ways musicians can tap into the power of social networking and blogging to promote their work, connect with fellow musicians, producers, and promoters, and engage directly with fans.


If you have any suggestions regarding ways to improve the panels proposed here, or if you’d like to propose a topic not listed, please leave a comment! We appreciate your input and your support.


* This post was written and submitted by Jaelithe.


11 Responses to “STL Interactive Festival Panels”

  1. I’d love to learn even a wee bit about photography; we’ve got some crazy good photo bloggers in the Lou. . . and some photoshop info wouldn’t be bad either. Cause I know nothing about either.

  2. i can certainly assist with photography and photoshop stuff – on a basic level for people if interested. 😉

  3. A couple of other potential ideas would be:

    Blogger’s Toolbox – Feedburner (what is RSS), Technorati, ect (tools of the trade)

    Creating a Mobile version of your blog (MoFuse & other free services)

    That’s it. The list looks great. I’m really excited about this event and would love to help out with delivering a topic. I work as a training specialist for online marketing, so any help needed with the SEO or Traffic Building topics, let me know.

    Eric B

  4. I love the idea of a panel about optimizing for mobile devices, that is something that all business types should be doing.

  5. I’m so down for the mobile device thing and would love to hear holly on photography and Todd at ishootshows, he is so awesome with the steel…

  6. What about a teen blogger/media session? I know not many teens may attend, but I think it would be fun to attend and perhaps give a session. Granted, I’m a teen problogger, so I think STL Interactive would be fun as it is.

  7. I would love to see topics such as these made into panels. Suggestions:

    1) Intro to Social Media – The sites and how they’ve changed collaborative content online; what you need to know from Aggregation to Wikis
    2) Videoblogging – Tools of the trade; how to shoot compelling videos and mix them into your blog
    3) Social media for business – What can your business benefit from engaging in social media.

    I would even be interested in speaking on #1 or #3.

    I plan to attend the next meeting as well to learn more about the Guild.


  8. I like Zach’s idea. It would be cool to see the next generation of bloggers.

  9. A teen blogger/media session definitely sounds like a good idea. We need to represent! It’ll bring something new to the table. There needs to be some diversity.

  10. Andrew – Dude. Some of us aren’t that much older than you. Blogging is in its infancy thus you all are in OUR generation.

  11. Don – you have some excellent ideas; thanks for explaining them. Hope you can make the next Guild meeting where we’ll be making a step in finalizing sessions.

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