Guild meeting set for June 14

Bloggers within the St. Louis area, listen up! Our next guild meeting starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 14 at the Benton Park Café.

In addition to discussing guild business, we’ll also be discussing the Guild’s role in conjunction with Playback:stl— of which the St. Louis Interactive Festival is part. (The festival takes place September 18-20 within the University City Loop.) We’ll also be finalizing sessions and choosing potential speakers. (Information regarding ideas for the sessions are HERE.)

Benton Park Café is offering mouth-watering eats and drinks at discounted prices. You can find their menu HERE.And please don’t forget to rsvp in the comments section of this post. Hope to see you then!

post written and submitted by Lisa.


24 Responses to “Guild meeting set for June 14”

  1. I assume this is open to non-members interested in learning more about the guild and meeting like-minded bloggers – with no obligation?


  2. Don–

    All Guild meetings are open to non-members for $5. If you choose to then join the Guild, that $5 is put toward the cost of dues.

    Hope to see you there!

  3. I’m RSVP’ing

  4. Consider me RSVP’d as well 🙂

  5. I’ll be there!

  6. We will be leaving town for Father’s Day, but I would love an update on what is decided. Sorry, I cannot make it (AGAIN). I really want to participate.

  7. Um, half of my dynamic duo will be attending. Which half has yet to be determined.

  8. I am RSVP ing and interested in joining.

  9. Sorry, I rsvp’d on forum. The boy has a bb game at 10:00 and my husband is a coach so I have the girl. I’m working on seeing if I can find childcare, but as of right now, I am out.

  10. once again, I’m out of town … but I will make the July meeting (assuming it’s the 12th!).

  11. I cannot make it. Out of town wedding.

  12. Sorry, can’t be there. Maddy has a softball game. I really want to participate, dang it!!

  13. I am RSVP’ing (and I did in the forum as well.)

    I plan on attending this Saturday.

  14. I will be there, obviously!

  15. I’m in. The Wife has cleared me to go. See you there.

  16. I’ll be there

  17. I have a track meet I have to attend Saturday morning out of town. I am sorry to miss my first meeting, but would love an update as to what is decided. I hope to make the next meeting!

  18. Can’t make it. Connor has a game and hubby is playing golf so I’ve got all the kids.

  19. I’ll be there.

  20. I plan to be there too.

  21. And fate kicks me in the scrotum…the water heater is leaking and the only time I can get dude to come replace it is Saturday morning. I’m sorry guys, but I’m out. I WILL make one of these someday. Maybe July???

  22. I want to be there! I keep missing the meetings and I hate that! I’m having a really busy summer with classes, work, and vacations. I’m really sorry I haven’t been a better member in person or the forums Things look normal after August 1st, so I should be good to go then. Have a great meeting.

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