Name that festival!

Now that our panels are finalized and we’re selecting speakers, we have one pressing decision that we’d like for you to help with. We need to name the St. Louis Interactive Festival.

Sure, the simple “St. Louis Interactive Festival” sounds fine; it’s short, sweet, and self-explanatory, but it’s so … blaaaah.

Here’s the deal: you have until Wednesday night, 5 p.m. CST to suggest a festival name (or two! Or three!) in the comments. After that time comments will be closed. We’ll create a poll of the choice picks with voting to take place until Friday at midnight on June 20th. If your name is chosen, you’ll receive a free admission to the festival.

Members of the guild have come up with a couple of suggestions already:



Let’s hear yours!


8 Responses to “Name that festival!”

  1. or InterPlay: STL

  2. Suggestion:

  3. St. Louis Blogstock
    STL Interactive Conference
    STL SocialMeet
    meet: STL
    connect: STL
    interact: STL
    social: STL
    gather: STL

  4. “STLinteract”
    “STL:[Insert Buzzword Here]”

  5. how about
    i:StL or StL:interactive

    no need to get all foufy foufy

  6. I know this is derivative (and late) but I was thinking Mid By Midwest…

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