Welcome, New Guild Members!

It’s been awhile since we last welcomed and introduced our newest Guild members, so we’d like to take a moment and do that again. 

Mental Detritus: John’s blog is a “place for [him] to talk about whatever happens to be floating through [his] mind,” and what floats through his mind is politics.  [Ed. note: John (aka husband of Jaelithe) is an intrumental force behind the Guild; my apologies for just now introducing him to you all.]

Random Acts of Momness: GoMommy is a “30-something mother of two very active boys, married to an equally active, somestimes exhausting, husband” whose life is “hectic and a little chaotic!”

Resonance Partnership: Marianne Richmond blogs at her company’s website, which she “founded in 2004 and offers a full menu of consulting services from market analysis, concept development, strategy, implementation and measurement.”

SEO Investment: Eric Baggett blogs at his company’s site, which helps explain “search engine optimization in simple terms” for “small businesses, newbies, and SEO professionals.”

Shouldn’t Life Be More Than This?: A personal blog with a political view that explores “just my thoughts, just what I was thinking at the time” as she’s “teaching, living, learning, sharing.  Constantly.”

Under The Arch: Bri welcomes you to her city and her reality as “a student, a woman, a friend, a daughter, a sister.”

WithGrace[Dot]Net: Having just moved to St. Louis, Michele is revamping her site to include written posts in addition to her photography.


2 Responses to “Welcome, New Guild Members!”

  1. Happy to be a member…great to meet you on Saturday!


  2. Welcome, everyone!

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