Name that festival: voting time!

We got your suggestions – thanks for participating! We picked the best from the bunch (or in some cases, the ones currently not in use or similar to something else in the local media) and are ready for voting. Here are your choices:


Voting is now closed!


14 Responses to “Name that festival: voting time!”

  1. +1 for STL:interactive.

  2. Interplay is pretty darn cute. Sounds sexy too.

  3. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to choose, so I’m going to be a sheep and see what everyone else does. They’re all such great names. Wanted midxmidwest (Detroit music festival) and Click:stl (KSDK says that in their promos) too but someone has beat us to them. /Sad face.

  4. I vote for Interplay. That sounds like a fun event, and is not reminiscent of a Mac product or a natural disaster like some of the others! :-p

  5. I like iSaintLouis

  6. I’m not a member yet, can I vote?

    I like Epicenter!

  7. I vote for Interplay.

  8. I like interplay too.

  9. my vote’s for interplay (i swear, it was gonna be that before i even saw the other votes for it!)

  10. I really like Interplay. Sounds interesting and cool – and what do you know? It will be just that!

  11. I like iSaintLouis

  12. I’m bummed out that I didn’t have much time to brainstorm any entries…incredibly busy and trying week at work and had family plans on Wednesday (Jazz at Missouri Botanical Garden).

    However, anytime I did think of it (which included browsing a thesauras on related topics), I got stuck on “Interplay.” It might be because that used to be the name of a video game publisher, but at least I liked their games! So, “Interplay” gets my vote.

    Man, that was a long way to go to say “Interplay!”

  13. Interplay for me too..

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