Guild Member Profile: Five Minutes with Andrea

Used with Andrea\'s permission. All rights reserved.

Photo credit: Andrea. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Almost three years ago, St. Louis Bloggers Guild Member Andrea found herself in the midst of a new kind of chaos — parenthood. As many who’ve taken the parental plunge will testify, the experience, as thrilling as it can be, can leave many a mom feeling a bit depleted. What to do when you long for a greater sense of connection? Start blogging!

That’s what Andrea, the author of Little Bald Doctors, did. The community she’s established through her blog’s readership has been a sounding board and a source of support through toddlerhood trials, health scares, and a second pregnancy.

Your blog has a very unique title. What’s the story?

My blog title came from my love of the book Insomnia by Stephen King, aptly enough. The timing of my blog birth coincided with some sleepless nights due to having a small child and also to some of the disjointed feelings I was dealing with because of some depression. There are three characters in that book referred to as little bald doctors from time to time that the main character, a man going through some rough times because of his insomnia, was seeing that he thought he was hallucinating. At the time, I felt off kilter enough to be seeing little bald doctors myself, and so the name of my blog was born. Also, there’s the idea that my kids are little, they started off bald, and maybe some day, they’ll be doctors. I know, it’s a stretch, but hey, it’s catchy. It’s also come full circle again, because I’m back in the insomnia months of parenthood, having given birth in January 2008.

What topics do you typically write about?

Whatever’s on my mind, but mostly my kids, my husband, my family if it’s a benign topic, and my thoughts. Sometimes I try to write about current events, but I find that there are usually others more adept at handling those topics, so I try to keep it light, like a chat with a girlfriend over lunch. I love me some lunch talk.

What topics do you avoid? Why?

Mostly, my extended family and some of the drama involved there, because every large family has drama, right? I choose to blog about my life, and as such, there are people in the periphery of my life that affect me, but they haven’t chosen to have their stories online, so I give them their privacy by staying away from more than a casual mention of our familial goings on. My kids, my husband and what happens under my own roof on a daily basis, that stuff is fair game unless I’m expressly forbidden to discuss it, like my husband’s showering habits — not that they’re negative in any way. But I will not point the microscope at anyone outside my immediate family without permission and even then, I will not do so in a negative way. That’s just an aspect of my life and my dealings with people that will not see the glowing light of a computer screen. I think internet bashing behind someone’s back, when that person doesn’t have their own blog with which to defend themselves or a way to voice their side, is just as bad as a sucker punch from behind. Not cool.

What has been the most eye-opening experience for you blogwise?

That not everyone in the blogosphere is peachy keen and friendly. Sometimes, it feels as if the blogosphere is like high school all over again, with the popular crowd, the stoners, the gamers, the geeks, the joiners (I guess I’d be one of those) and it feels cliquey sometimes. However, it’s good to know that I have grown adept at navigating waters such as those with much more aplomb than I had when I was actually IN high school.

Why should bloggers join the St. Louis Bloggers Guild?

There are a multitude of reasons. If you’re interested in photography, vlogging, podcasting or any number of different ways to present yourself online besides just writing, there are things to learn to protect your content such as watermarking photos, copyrighting content or getting a Creative Commons license and which one applies to your needs. There are technical questions that can be answered. The community-building aspect is priceless and if you’re new to blogging, it’s a great way to meet other area bloggers. It’s also a good way to educate yourself on the perils of online journaling and you can find out things regarding anonymity on the web and protecting yourself from stalkers as well as content thieves before making the mistakes that make such things easier for those kinds of people.

Andrea’s three favorite posts of all time? Here’s one! Here’s a second. And here’s a great one too!

This post was written by Guild Member Lisa, who also writes at Midwestern Mommy.


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