What do you want to see in a Web design panel?

We’re about to announce our full lineup of panels (and start announcing speakers) for InterPLAY, the St. Louis interactive portion of PLAY:stl. Check out the new InterPLAY website! During last Saturday’s meeting we agreed that a design panel, separate from a CSS session, was needed.

To make it truly interactive, we’d like to hear from you about what YOU would like to see incorporated into such a panel, and whose expertise we should showcase as a panelist. We have a couple of exciting speakers in mind from top area creative agencies who are interested in participating.

You have the floor – leave your input in the comments!


4 Responses to “What do you want to see in a Web design panel?”

  1. * New trends in design
    * Latest “what not to do” (web design horror stories)
    * Most useful tools
    * Most useful resources

  2. I’d be interested in the local perceptions and adoptions of the XHTML features for accessibility and adaptation for alternative viewing/reading mechanisms. I’ve been looking at the role attribute and the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) draft. Who is using these specs, locally and nationally? What tools or systems are supporting them? How important is this to everyone, especially as readership grows and content continues to be aggregated and interpreted by screen readers, feed readers, social networking applications, and mobile devices. Thanks!

  3. Steve,
    That might be a great talking point that could be woven into some of the other pieces in the tech tracks as well. Accessibility issues are a hot topic!

  4. My suggestion:

    Site Design Beyond Templates

    Description: Businesses small and large are seeing the increased benefits of user loyalty, increased revenue, and higher traffic volume after effectively deploying user centered design on their sites. At the core of UCD is the balance of aesthetics (graphic design) and usability (site architecture). This panel would discuss the benefits, basic tennets, and fundamentals of both beautiful and usable sites and the benefit this has for your blogging, ecommerce, or informational site. It is amazing what the visual structure of your site says or doesn’t say about you, let’s start sending the right readers and building better sites.

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