Guild Member Profile – Five Minutes with Kim

Spend a few minutes with Kim Dorsey and you can’t help but notice her engaging personality, warm smile and easy confidence. The author of Parachuting Without a Net and Jessica and Kelli – A Celebration of Two lives, began blogging in May of 2007 during her lunch hours at work. At that point, she kept the blog private, using it as an outlet to express her feelings about daily life

But when her eldest daughters, Jessica and Kelli, were fatally injured in an accident last year, she quit blogging for a short time.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to say. I finally posted ‘I Have No Words’, and then I commented on Mamalogues in response to a post she put out about what we wanted for Christmas, and I said I wanted my girls back.  I had a really bad day and I just typed it without really thinking what might happen.  I got so many hits from that comment, and it inspired me to keep talking about my kids, all of them,” she says. 

As Kim continues to blog, a story of heartbreak and loss is evolving into one of healing and hope — she’s been able to promote a fund-raiser in memory of Jessica and Kelli and she’s helping other people who have experienced similar tragedies.

How did you come up with your blog name?

It was how I felt at the time, like I was free falling but had no idea how to land.

What has been the most eye-opening experience for you on this blogging journey?

How you feel like you “know” the person you read about.  So, I’m sure that people feel like they “know” me now too. Also, to hear from other readers who have lost children, or lost someone close to them suddenly.  It makes me feel less alone in all this.  I also have had people say “oh, I read your blog,” and I immediately think “Oh, I hope it was a good post today!”

I guess losing your anonymity through blogging is what I’m getting at.

Speaking of anonymity… How do you feel about being “out there.”

So far, it’s been a positive experience.  I do talk about Maddy, I use her name, although some bloggers use pseudonyms for their kids and spouses.  I figure I’m in the public eye because of Jessica and Kelli’s deaths, so the information is already out there.  Some writers get flamed for using real names but I think it’s a personal decision.  It doesn’t change my opinion of the writer. 

What’s the best feedback you’ve gotten so far? 

The best feedback is any feedback.  I love getting comments.  Knock wood, they’ve all been positive (except for one time!)  If I make someone laugh, or think, or go hug their kids, then I’m cool with that. But I’ll be honest, when people say I’m a good writer, that’s my best feedback.  I sometimes struggle with how I’m writing – I try to use spell check and not butcher the rules of grammar, but I know I do.  I write how I talk, so I hope that people who know me can “hear” me through my writing.  I do have flashes of brilliance sometimes, and sometime I post and think “wow, that was pretty sucktastic.” 

Why should bloggers join the Guild? Why did you join?

To meet the people in the local blogging community; to further rights and responsibilities of bloggers; networking and exchange of ideas and opinions; and for the cocktails at the gatherings.

I wanted to make new friends, I’m really excited to be a part of the Guild.  I think we can do some new and exciting things with blogs.  It’s such a new medium that we’re kind of writing the rules as we go along.  I’m looking forward to possibly having a bigger role in the Guild eventually – like the chance to help people understand intellectual property rights.

When you look into your future as a blogger, what do you see?

I’d like to continue blogging, and eventually expand into other areas.  I’m really looking forward to InterPLAY – I’m so technologically challenged. I’m doing the basics right now but there are so many places I could take this blog. If we were to get a law passed for Jessica and Kelli, I could start an informational blog and maybe help others. I could expand their website for more fundraising and information about their scholarships. Heck, Maddy wants to start a blog! The possibilities are endless.

Check out Kim’s favorite blog posts. Here’s one. Don’t forget this one nor this one. (Kim says this one gets an honorable mention.)

This post was written by Lisa, from Midwestern Mommy and Midwestern Mommy Reviews.


2 Responses to “Guild Member Profile – Five Minutes with Kim”

  1. Kim is an excellent writer, and don’t let her convince you otherwise.

  2. Aw, thanks Jaelithe!

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