St. Louisans Represent at BlogHer ’08

At this year’s BlogHer conference in San Francisco, over 1,000 bloggers from across the country gathered to celebrate and discuss the role of women in social media. Several local bloggers made the trip to California to participate and make their voices heard. And two prominent St. Louis bloggers took the spotlight as panelists, sharing their experiences as successful women writers.

The Guild’s own Dana Loesch from Mamalogues moderated a panel titled What We Do: There’s More to Monetization than Advertising, where she and a group of blogging pros discussed the innovative ways successful bloggers are finding to earn income doing the work they love.

And Shark-Fu from Angry Black Bitch and Shakesville participated in the discussion What We Believe: How To Take Names and Be Taken Seriously as a Political Blogger, about establishing credibility, an audience and a personal voice in the world of political blogging.

Both panels drew large audiences. BlogHer volunteers liveblogged the sessions, and you can find firsthand accounts of Dana’s session here and of Shark-Fu’s session here.

Angela from Fluid Pudding read one of her funniest posts aloud in front of an audience of several hundred people during BlogHer’s first-ever Community Keynote. Asked about her thoughts on the event, Angela admitted she was nervous to speak in front of so many other bloggers, but said “The keynote was an amazing experience for me, and I’m so proud to have been selected to read. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to ‘introduce’ myself to over 700 bloggers at once! To me, the trickiest part of BlogHer is finding the time to have conversations with the bloggers you spend so much time reading.”

Other St. Louis bloggers who attended the event include Bri from Under the Arch, Kristie from Slacker-Moms-R-Us and Lipstick to Crayons, and Jaelithe from The State of Discontent and MOMocrats.

Are you a St. Louis blogger who attended BlogHer? Did you see one of our hometown panelists speak? Let us know in the comments what you thought of the event, and of our St. Louisan BlogHer speakers!

This post submitted by Guild Member Jaelithe, who writes at The State of Discontent.

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3 Responses to “St. Louisans Represent at BlogHer ’08”

  1. I wasn’t there, but Angie from was part of the Community Keynote. 🙂

  2. That’s right! She mentioned Ann’s Bra Shop. I should have known,.Thanks, Kara.

  3. Angie is added! And was kind enough to give me a quote, too.

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