Blogging Behind the Curtain

As the US battles China for a place on the podium during this summer’s Olympic games, the competition has carried the undercurrents of Democracy versus Communism.  But another rift that has started to surface in Beijing is that between the government controlled mainstream media and independent blogging, and if Australian writer/blogger/journalist Antony Lowenstein is right, blogging might be gaining some traction.  Lowenstein’s new book, The Blogging Revolution is an in-depth look of what it is like to blog under a repressive government and how bloggers are making an impact in these countries.

Lowenstein’s book is slated for release by Melbourne University Press in September of this year and looks at societies of bloggers who live under such repressive governments as Iran and Saudi Arabia.  They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and a lively discussion on an Austrailian news site with the author seems to support that blogging is the mighty modern day pen.   With bloggers in the US actively engaging in the political process and changing the face of this year’s election, and bloggers abroad challenging regimes it seems the blog has come of age – blogs are no longer just the tool of personal journals and gossip, they are now recognized, active players in politics and government throughout the world.


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