How to Produce a Podcast: Resources and Instructions Here!

UPDATED 9/20/2008

Hello! Hoped you like our presentation on podcasting. I promised some additional links and here they are:

Audio player for WordPress:

Multibox plugin for WordPress – Wonderful media plugin. Adds a player for audio, a thumbnail / gallery viewer for pictures and more!


So you wanna make a podcast?


Podcasts are great way to add content to your website or blog. And the best thing about them is their portability. Someone can download or subscribe to your podcast and take it with them on their iPod, mp3 player, mobile phone or PMP (portable media player).

And you don’t have to be from the planet Smartron to make one. (It’s in the Gamma quadrant.)

It’s quite easy once you get the hang of it!

For this post, I’m going to focus on audio podcasts. (You can do video podcasts, too and for a great example of a video podcast, check out Bill Streeter’s Lo-Fi St. Louis site. )

So what the heck’s a podcast?

That’s easy – the very basic definition of a podcast is an audio or video file. Neat, huh? And if you can make one of those, you can make a podcast.

To get a little more in-depth, a podcast is a serialized media file with an RSS feed so people can find and subscribe to your amazingly interesting stuff. Think of it like an online radio show – it happens regularly, it has a topic, people (or person) talk and people (hopefully) listen.

Now, if you’re a blogger – and I’m going to assume that you are since you’re reading this on a blogging guild website – you’re already ahead of the game if you want to podcast.

I’m not going to hold your hand through the entire process, but I’ll give you the bullet points and links to stuff that will really help you out, including a full-on tutorial, recording software, how to make a podcast feed, how to get your show on iTunes, and more!

Now grab a handful of mouse. Here we go!

Podcasting in a nutshell:

  • Pick a topic. And believe me, there is an audience for any topic. I’m willing to bet there are some dynamite podcasts out there about Hummel Figurines or the Amazing Pocket-Lint Cam (TM). And someone, somewhere loves those shows!
    • Your results may vary.
  • Record your podcast. You can do this any way you want as long as you’re able to take what you’ve recorded and cram it into your computer box somehow. Many people record directly to their computer, but I use a portable multitrack. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s audio and you can get it into your computer (opening the case and throwing in a cassette-tape doesn’t count).
  • Make the darn thing sound good. There are many free (and not free) audio editing programs out there. What you want to do is open your file in your favorite audio software and take a few moments to tweak the file.
    • I recommend throwing on some compression to bring up the volume of quiet parts, and then maximizing the volume of the entire file. How do you do that? Check your software’s help file!
  • Save it as an mp3. Every program has a “Save As” option under the File menu. Use it.
    • To maintain a small file size, you’ll have to try a few different levels of quality to find out what sounds best for you. Unless you have music, you can get away with something as low as 64kbps and still have it sound fine, and you’ll have a nice tiny file size for faster downloads.
      • What does kbps mean? It means Google is our friend!
      • Lower quality for voice is absolutely fine. While I’m sure your voice sounds lovely in full Quadrophonic sound, most people will be listening on computer speakers or headphones. KEEP THAT FILE SIZE LOW!
  • Upload the file to your website or blog. If you have a blog, make a separate category for your podcast and put your file in a new post. If you use one of the blog plug-ins that I link below, your blog will automatically update an RSS feed when you publish and your job is over!
  • Wait for the adoring fans to listen.
    • Or, you can draw fans to your site:
      • Add your podcast to iTunes
      • Get other sites to link to your podcast
      • Make fliers, tattoo some stray cats (joke), anything! Just get the word out! There are countless podcast directory sites out there — just Google your little fingers to the bone and join!

Links of Power!

All links will open in a new browser window.

A Proper Tutorial From

Free Audio Software:

Audacity is quite popular, and it even does multitrack editing:

Kristal is another multitrack editor that happens to be free:

Get It On (Your Blog)!

Create a podcast feed in WordPress

Podcasting in Movable Type

Publicize Your Podcast

Add a podcast to iTunes

Non-iTunes tips

Get Google to Find Your Podcast


Movable Type

Play Your Podcast Right on Your Site!

Once you have a podcast feed, you can use that file to play your podcast right on your site! Great for driving visitors back to your site and your other content!

This is something I use on Super Fun Patrol – see it in action!


It’s that easy!

Now if you were looking for something difficult to do, I’ve got a mean problem with Bermuda Grass in my front yard and could use a few volunteers with hoes and tillers.


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