InterPLAY Topic: The Basics of SEO

At the InterPLAY St. Louis interactive festival in the University City Loop this weekend, I’ll be moderating a panel on search engine optimization and traffic building techniques, for bloggers and others, called Optimize Me: Boosting Readership with SEO. I’ll have the pleasure of presenting two top-notch local SEO experts: Ellen Gooch, from local retail company Soft Surroundings, and Will Hanke.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, in a nutshell, is the practice of optimizing the design and content of a website in ways that make it easier for searchers on search engines to find that website.

Good, or white hat, search engine optimization helps three groups of people: searchers who are trying to find information, or are shopping for a product; website editors who want to connect with new readers or customers, and drive more traffic to their site; and the search engines themselves, by helping the engines to return more relevant results for their users.

Bad, or black hat, search engine optimization tries to game the system, misleading the search engines and searchers themselves by using dishonest techniques to drive traffic for a quick profit from product sales or advertising.

We’ll discuss the difference between white hat and black hat techniques at Optimize Me.

Why Do Bloggers Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization?

Search engines are text-based services. That is: a person using a search engine enters text as their query. The search engine, in turn, searches text on a page and tries to find a match to that query. Because the search engines rely on text to return relevant, timely responses to their readers, sites with a good deal of rich, descriptive, frequently updated text are favored in search engine rankings.

The majority of blogs are chock full of rich, descriptive, frequently updated text, which means that blogs often rank highly on search engine results pages. And the business world has begun to take notice of this fact. A growing general realization of the SEO power of blogs has provided bloggers with many opportunities in recent years to turn their hobbies into a business. But it has also exposed bloggers to the threat of exploitation and theft of their work.

Learn how you can use SEO and other traffic building techniques to promote your blog find new readers, and also get some advice on how to protect yourself from internet superhighwaymen at the InterPLAY festival this Friday, September 19th, at 5 p.m. in the University City Loop.


2 Responses to “InterPLAY Topic: The Basics of SEO”

  1. Good read. The article makes SEO seam approachable by those of us who want more blog traffic. The panel should be fantastic.

  2. thanks for your info.
    nice blog anyway .. 🙂

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