Member Profile – Five Minutes With Gregg

If you meet Blogger’s Guild Member Gregg in person, you soon realize he’s much like his blog. The funny, laid-back dad writes about many a subject – from “Stupid Gregg tricks” to childhood memories and how he (at one point) considered becoming a Bigfoot expert.  As Gregg continues on his blogging course, he’s finding out that he’s attracting many a St. Louisian’s attention. And if you haven’t yet visited his blog, “One Dad’s Life”, go check it out. And you’ll see why his readership continues to grow.

Congrats on your “Blog o’ the Week” nod from The Riverfront Times – What did you think when you found out?

I was completely shocked.  The RFT didn’t contact me at all, and truth be told, I didn’t see much bump from it. The funny thing was that I did get email from a couple of friends who saw it in the actual paper.  I discovered it accidentally prior to getting the email while searching google for one of my popular posts.  I’d had some trouble with my posts being swiped, so I was looking for more of that! At first I thought someone at the RFT had swiped something.  This was better.

I saw from a previous post that you and the wife are known to e-mail each other from across the couch… When you post about the fam, does she have a say what stories make it into the blog and what doesn’t? In other words, what will you write about and what do you avoid?

I’ve never asked her, and in fact I usually don’t let her see what I’ve written until it hits the site.  However, I like to see her reactions when she reads it! Since I intentionally focus on the positive, I don’t worry TOO much that I’ll say something I shouldn’t.  On one instance, she thought I might run into trouble talking about what I’d do if I didn’t have to go to work all summer instead of her and the kids. She worried that it might offend some of my SAHM readers.  I decided to leave the post up, though, and hopefully didn’t offend anyone! It wasn’t the intention, for sure, it was about how rough it is for me going to work each day while they are at home.  I basically avoid airing any real gripes I have in my “real” life, I don’t rant, and I don’t talk about work.  I figure that leaves me pretty safe.

What’s been the biggest surprise throughout your blogging journey thus far?

Besides this interview? (laughs) I’ve had several pretty big surprises.  I never expected to have regular readers that I didn’t already know in “real life”, I didn’t expect to meet so many of the St. Louis Bloggers, and I never expected to guest blog on a “Mommy Blog” site!  I guest blogged on “A Bun’s Life” and had my daughter “girlify” my post with some drawings.  I never spent so long on a post before, but it was great fun!

Some bloggers get strong reactions when they write about their faith. How do people respond when you write about this topic.

I’ve never had a strong reaction to any mention of religion, church attendance, or events at our church that I plug at the blog, but I also just mention it as a matter-of-fact type of thing, rather than beating anyone over the head with it.  It’s a big part of my everyday life, so it just naturally comes up sometimes, though. I certainly don’t avoid it.

You’re a Blogger’s Guild member. Why did you join? And what do you think so far.

Honestly, I joined because I feel like I have so much to learn. I’m a newbie! So far, we’ve largely been working on the St. Louis Interactive Festival, which should be pretty cool!  Being a card carrying introvert, it was kind of scary for me to show up the first time or so, but I have really enjoyed meeting a bunch of the bloggers I’ve admired and I’m very excited about the Interactive Festival. Now I clear my schedule, as much as possible, for the meetings.  It was also gratifying when I first mentioned that I write “One Dad’s Life” and people recognized the blog.

Check out Gregg’s three favorite posts: Generic “One Dad’s Life”, A Dad’s Dream Come True – Part 2 : The Slumber Party, and (Making goofy lists has always been a favorite pastime of mine.  This one has had thousands of hits) 10 Ways Dads Are Like Rock Stars.


6 Responses to “Member Profile – Five Minutes With Gregg”

  1. This guy is like THE BEST! You should read him every day! Seriously.

    BTW, it’s totally coincidence that my name and website matches his.

    Aren’t those just the cutest kids? And the wife….YOWSAW!

  2. Congrats to you! I can say I’m one of many that enjoy reading your blog! 😉

  3. I love Gregg!! He is so funny and I look forward to him putting a smile on my face everyday!

  4. Great picture! 🙂

  5. I enjoy Gregg’s blog and his twitters!

  6. lol Gregg, you are such a nut!! Yay for the interview!!

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