Member Profile – Five Minutes with Kelli

Kelli Stuart has a lot on her plate these days. She has three children under the age of five, writes the blog Three Times the Love and is an integral part of the St. Louis Bloggers Guild, serving as editor for our website.

But there’s more to Kelli than mothering and blogging. She’s fluent in russian.  She’s a master at impersonating people. (“I can do a mean Ace Ventura impersonation, which has gotten me nowhere in life, but did help me win over the boys in high school.”) She can also imitate various songstresses. (Her favorite singer to impersonate is Barbara Streisand.) To get to know more about Kelli, read on!

When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging in January.  I had my third child in December and I was struggling with the transition.  I felt like a zombie and needed some way to keep myself sane in those first few months.  Blogging seemed like a good outlet, and it was a great way to keep extended family members updated on what was going on in our lives.  Life with three young children is crazy and I felt like I was losing the fun memories due to extreme sleep deprivation.  I wanted to hold on to the good times we were having and also have a recorded memory of what these early days were like.  And there were some really fun things to remember.  Like, for example, the day my near two-year-old found her baby brother’s umbilical cord in the trash can, mistook it for gum and popped it in her mouth.  Utterly and completely disgusting, I know, but such a great thing to have on record!

Like Gregg, you talk about religion on your blog. What’s the overall response to those type of posts? Do you ever get the troll comments?
I haven’t really had any negative comments when I bring up my faith.  It’s not something that I’m trying to shove down people’s throats, but my faith is an integral part of who I am as a person.  My entire worldview is defined by my beliefs.  Because of that, it is very natural to write about my faith in my posts.  We are raising our children to know and understand who God is, and because my blog is focused mainly on my life with kids, the topic of faith is going to surface, especially when I share how my kids process the concept of God – and how I am coping with the stresses of motherhood.
You mentioned in a previous post that you were going to “put yourself out there” more so as a writer when it comes to new opportunities. I applaud you because it can feel very intimidating. How’s that going? Has your blog (or the Blogger’s Guild) helped you to pursue new opportunities?
The Blogger’s Guild, and my blog, have given me an extreme boost in self-confidence.  I felt rusty and tired as a writer.  It had been so long since I had written on a regular basis and I wondered if maybe I’d lost my mojo a bit.  I have been challenged through many of the blogger’s in the Guild to pursue writing goals again.  I admire so many of the writers that I read on a regular basis and am just so thrilled to be learning about this form of social media.  I knew very little about blogging when I started out in January.  I still know very little, but I’m learning more and more every day.  It’s very energizing. 
Why did you join the Blogger’s Guild?
I wanted to meet new people.  I wanted to be more diligent in pursuing my passion of writing.  I wanted to learn more about blogging.  And I wanted to make contacts in the writing world, which will, hopefully, open some doors professionally for me.
Do you see yourself blogging a few years from now? Or do you think (or hope) your writing will take a different direction?
I hope I keep up with blogging.  I really love it.  I also hope to be able to pursue other writing opportunities.  I am about three quarters of the way through a novel right now and hope to finish it soon.  It will be interesting to see what happens with it as it’s been my pet project for several years now.  I don’t know where blogging will lead me.  If anything, I will have a great record of my children’s precious growing up years to show them someday when they’re older.  That is, for me, one of the greatest rewards of blogging.
Check out Kelli’s three favorite posts! (Here’s one. Here’s another. And don’t forget this one too!)


2 Responses to “Member Profile – Five Minutes with Kelli”

  1. My question:

    Can Kelli do a Russian Ace Ventura singing “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers?” If so, the next guild meeting is seriously going to rock!

  2. Hahaha! It would take a good amount of liquor for me to do anything like that. Like a SERIOUS amount of liquor.

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