Parent Blogging 101

Personal blogs have become very popular in recent years, by some accounts the most popular type of blog.  According to technorati, over half of the people writing blogs write a personal blog and over 25% of the people writing blogs write about family issues.  While I could not find any detailed statistics that I could rely on that indicated how many of these were “parent” blogs, it is clear that a large number of people are on the “parent blog” train at least part time!  Technorati lists well over 100 million blogs that they are tracking, with around 3,000,000 getting updated at least once a month. The popular “Mommy Blog” has become such a recognized group of authors and readers that they are actively courted by companies to promote and advertise their products.  Even my own “Daddy Blog” has been approached for this purpose.

The first Monday of every month, I will be writing a post (I nearly said column, how traditional media of me!) on topics that “Parent Bloggers” would find interesting.  I would love to have input on topics that interest all the parent bloggers out there, and we’ll work them into the series.  Even the title of the series is up for discussion.  I picked “Parent Blogging 101” as a working title, I’m not married to it!  My intent is not to talk about the technical issues of blogging – there are many here who are far superior in that department – but to discuss topics with which a parent blogger might wrestle.  Ideas for topics include anonymity, writing style, post ideas, whether to publicize your blog or not, good family things to do around town, etc.

I’m certain by now you are wondering about my qualifications for such an important position, so I’ll fill you in on the details.  I’ve been writing “One Dad’s Life” for a bit over a year now.  I write frequently, updating every weekday morning.  At least part of the time, I write about my kids and family happenings.  Despite the name, my daily writings don’t ALWAYS focus on the kids and/or parent issues.  I tend to look for the humorous side of things, rather come up with a solution for parenting issues.  Oh, and my writing qualifications?  I’m an electrical engineer – even worse, I’m a Software Manager in my day job.  We are NOT known for our writing capabilities.

On the surface, this would seem to make me distinctly unqualified to even publish a “parent blog”, but that is acutally a point I’d like to make:  You don’t have to be Dr. Spock to write about your life as a parent. There are other equally valid reasons for one to write a parent blog, including:

1. Share family events with family and friends you don’t see too often.  This makes the blog something like a more frequent Christmas Letter.

2. Network with other parents. This isn’t always easy these days, as everthing seems so fast-paced and we are always rushing off to that next meeting or event.

3. Therapy.  Journalling has long been used as a way to work out what you are feeling, and find the important points.  Writing a parent blog often puts all the trials of parenting (yes, there are a few!) in perspective.  Blogging often turns “that’s going to leave a stain” into “that’s going to make a great post!”

4. Creative outlet.

5. If you ARE an expert on parenting, you could share what you know! (please, please do this if you are an expert)

6. (insert your reason here)

Perhaps if the discussion among the parent bloggers picks up, we’ll start a discussion group on this website, or create a separate blog to handle the parent blogging discussion.  My hope is that this grows into a valuable resource for parent bloggers in St. Louis and beyond!

Now that you have the idea of where we’ll be headed, send those topic ideas to me at “dadincharge at swbell dot net.”   Thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Written by: Gregg


2 Responses to “Parent Blogging 101”

  1. Excellent post. Please let us know if any experts show up! 🙂

  2. Good post. Thanks for coming out as a parent blogger. Your advice and outlook give me hope for my new adventures in parent blogging on Dad-O-Matic.

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