You’ve Got Style! Polishing Your Blogging Voice

From music and clothing, to books and blogs – everything has style. If your blogging is honest and heartfelt, your unique style is already shining through with every key stroke, but there are very few among us who feel they have already achieved a perfect, polished style.

After a few years of writing online, I awoke recently to find that I wanted to embark on a quest to fine-tune my writing style and voice – thus I began the lifelong journey of perfecting my unique style. One of the coolest things about writing is that your voice is constantly evolving and it takes a lifetime of evolution and change to perfect your personal writing style. In my personal quest to define and develop my writing style I happened upon a lot of advice and tips that I wanted to share with the bloggy community.

  1. Never, ever stop reading. The books and authors that you love are a reflection of your own tastes and reading the writing of other people who reflect back those tastes helps you develop your own voice, whether you know it or not.
  2. Write like only one person is watching. I have heard this tip a million times and I believe it is especially true in blogging due to the inherent, conversational nature of a blog. Writing with one person in mind (call it your muse) helps you sharpen your style and keep it consistent instead of just throwing out a post to a nebulous group of “readers.” Focus on that funny commenter, write for your favorite comedian – personify your audience with the face and thoughts of your singular muse.
  3. If all else fails, try something new… everyday. This is not only a sure fire cure for writers block, but it also helps your style. New experiences stimulate your personal reaction to things boosting the articulation of your thoughts.
  4. Read these books: “On Writing Well” by William Zissner and “Elements of Style” by Strunk and White; they are the quintessential writers’ handbooks.
  5. Don’t be afraid to break grammar and AP style rules – it is what sets blogging apart from traditional media. For example, if you would say y’all in conversation and it is a true reflection of your style, don’t shy away from it. Sometimes a y’all is just what that sentence needs to truly reflect you.

A blogger is a writer, and often times a more productive writer than dead-tree and ink dwellers. Think like a writer and be passionate about developing your voice. This is not something that went out when high-speed connections came in – you have a voice and it is unique, so don’t be afraid to perfect it.


2 Responses to “You’ve Got Style! Polishing Your Blogging Voice”

  1. #2. For some reason, this is the fisrt I’ve heard of this tip at all. I read the first sentence and completely realized exactly what I needed. I imagine exactly who I would like to read my writings, and I think its most definitely going to help me improve my blogging. Thanks a million!

  2. Great reminder post about getting your own style going.

    My style is sadly still unfocused after a few years of blogging and more before that.

    My favorite tip you gave is the one about writing for a very specific audience, even a one person audience.


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