Blogging and Children – To ID or Not?

When I started blogging, no one read my blog.  I came to this conclusion because no one commented, and I wasn’t tech-savvy enough to have a stat-tracking program, so I’m going to assume I had no readers.  Because of this lack of exposure, I didn’t worry too much about identifying my children by name.  However, after the deaths of my oldest two daughters, I got a lot more traffic and a lot more readers.  I also became a lot more protective of my privacy. 


A friend asked me if I had reservations about posting pictures of Maddy, or even using her real name on my blog.  I figured that because of the media coverage after the accident, we were past that stage.  All I could do was make sure that future (and past) postings and pictures weren’t revealing anything I didn’t want to make public. 


Another consideration I am conscious of with Maddy and my blog is the content I post about her.  I want her to read this blog someday, and I hope that she’s proud of my writing.  I also want to post stories and anecdotes that, while amusing to me, aren’t embarrassing to her.  For example, she got her kite stuck on a light pole this summer, and I was taking pictures of her.  She turned around and demanded “Are you going to put this on the blog?”  When I saw she was truly upset, I told her no.  Later that night, she told me that I could post it, which led to a nice discussion about respecting her privacy.  If she’s going to be on the blog, I tell her, or show her the picture I’m going to use. 


In my opinion, identifying your children on your blog is a personal decision.  I read blogs that do use their names, and some do not.  That doesn’t affect my decision to read the blog – it’s the quality of the writing and content that keeps me coming back.

Written by: Kim


3 Responses to “Blogging and Children – To ID or Not?”

  1. Great post! I think this is something that bloggers need to think about, especially if they are just starting out.

    While I do use our real names, I am protective of things like where we live, where my kids go to school, where we go to church, etc. I also don’t blog about things that are coming up; just after we’ve done them, as I don’t want any creeps showing up to the places I’m taking my kids.

    My oldest asks me if I’m going to put things on the blog, too! We always talk about whether it’s OK before I do, and since he’s 5, he usually says yes.

  2. Taking your children and their future into your blogging is a mature approach. I’ve avoided blogging details about my sons that would be too easy to turn into trouble. Also have avoided giving out too much about my granddaughters.

    As for embarrassment, well sometimes they bring that on themselves. I’ve probably only written one or two things my sons might be slightly embarrassed about but that’s really a judgement call on each thing. I posted about my younger son stupidly falling off the back of a car.

    Careful and thoughtful blogging though as you point out is what should rule the day.

  3. Thanks so much for your take on identifying your children in your blog.

    I’ve never taken the opposing viewpoint of NOT identifying my child, mostly because while I get paid to tell people about my life via blog, podcast, and more – the fact of the matter is that telling people about myself and my life is what I am TRULY being paid for doing “all of this.” I know that when I think of my father – when he as 37 years old, I have nothing of when he “was that age”. I’ve no idea what movies he liked – I’ve no idea what he was thinking about – politics, elections, entertainment or people around him.

    My daughter on the other hand will have thousands of hours of not only reading when ‘I’m done with all of this”, but be the beneficiary of even more thousands of hours of entertainment in heading MY VOICE, when I was 35-38+, in the variety of talk shows, podcasts, entertainment reviews and more that I create now.

    How cool a “life gift” is that? Better yet, how great a tool to learn from YOURSELF as you get older?

    I’m all for identifying.

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