Member Profile – Five Minutes With Tam


A Bun’s Life has developed quite a following, and its not difficult to see why. The creator’s personality shines through. Tam is endearing, funny, and compassionate. But you will also see that she’s refreshingly honest in her struggles. She’s not about to paint her readers a picture of a perfect life. She shares her good days and bad. She’s not going to tell you that balancing her blogging, work life, motherhood and marriage is easy. But what does come across in her blogging is that she wakes up every morning and gives the people around her 110 percent.

Read through a few of her posts and you’ll quickly develop a tender spot for A Bun’s Life and the blogger behind it.

How did you come up with your blog name?
I call my kids bunnies and my blog mainly documents their lives, hence “A Bun’s Life.”

Now that you’ve been blogging awhile, I’m sure you’ve gotten some strange pitches for products or ideas. What’s the weirdest thus far?
I’ve been contacted by two reality shows. Being contacted by Wife Swap was definitely the weirdest.

Your blog is very genuine. You talk about some very personal, painful stuff. When you started your blog, did you intend to talk about subjects like that?
I made a conscious decision – that’s how I am in real life. I’m not going to pretend to be anything I’m not. I wanted to know I wasn’t the only one out there dealing with certain things and I wanted readers realize that they weren’t the only ones going through it too. Its about a true emotional connection. Its my therapy too. Its my outlet.

Why did you join the Guild
Saint Louis has such a strong blogging community and I wanted to become more involved in it. I also wanted to learn more about web design, and the in’s and out’s of a few of the aspects surrounding blogging from those more experienced than I am. What an added bonus that I get to meet so many of my favorite local bloggers too!

What’s been the biggest surprise?
The biggest thing is the sense of community and friendship I’ve found. There’s an instant connection you feel with certain bloggers. There are several people I consider to be real friends without having ever met them in person. I care about them and if there was any thing they ever needed, I would be there for them. There are several people that, if I could I would fly out to meet them, or if we were on vacation and happened to be in their area, I would definitely make it a priority to visit them.

We’ve asked Tam to pick three of her favorite posts. Here’s one (The Shower Wars)  and another (I Want To be a Yes Mom!) and don’t forget this one too! (Bang Goes the Gun, Out Goes My Light)


2 Responses to “Member Profile – Five Minutes With Tam”

  1. I love the Bun Mother’s posts for their honesty and humor (oh and the pics of her adorable bunnies!),

  2. I love Tam – she is so honest and straightforward about her ups & downs, and downright funny! I’m far from St Louis now, but having grown up in Franklin County, I have no doubt I’ll viist old friends, and I look forward to being able to finally meet her in real life!

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