Parent Blogging 101 – Traditions

Last month, in the premier installment of “Parent Blogging 101”, I outlined a number of reasons why people may want to create a parent blog.  With the Christmas season now upon us, I’d like to talk about yet another great application of the parent blog – talking about the family traditions that are important to you.

Many parents write a parent blog, in part, as a time capsule to someday pass on to their younger children.  I have two daughters, one will be 13 this month (pray for us!!!), and the other recently turned seven.  My kids read “One Dad’s Life” nearly as soon as I publish it, but I think that blogging about family traditions is still a great thing to do for parents with older (even grown) children. 

Your kids, and maybe even your spouse, would love to hear all your best family stories.This month is a great time to tell that funny story about the time your grandmother drank the juice out of the scrambled eggs bowl on Christmas day! (Yes, this really happened in my family – can’t let that juice go to waste!).

I’m sure that even your regular readers who aren’t members of your family would love to hear about your traditions, as well.  Perhaps you’ll remind them of one that they have forgotten all about from their own childhood.

Still looking for ways to approach a month of blogging on your family’s Christmas traditions?  Here are a handful of post ideas for you to use. Consider it a Christmas gift from me!

  • Tell about your favorite tradition(s) from your own Childhood.
  • Tell of your favorite childhood memories at Christmas time. How have you tried to create similar memories for your children?
  • What’s the funniest thing a member of your family ever did at Christmas (see my comment on my grandmother).
  • What’s the funniest thing one of your pets did at Christmas? (One year, we discovered my dog had the natural ability to open gifts. She’d work on all the seems at one end of the wrapping job, and then just tear off the paper.  We each gave most of our gifts to the dog to open it was so funny!)
  • What role does your religion play in Christmas (or other holiday) traditions?
  • Was there a gift you always wanted and never got?  Have you now purchased it on eBay?
  • What is your earliest Christmas memory?
  • What is your biggest Christmas dream?
  • What would you like Christmas to mean for your kids? What are doing to bring this about?
  • What was your favorite gift that you actually received?
  • What is one special thing you tried to do for someone at Christmas as a child? Perhaps it is a gift you wanted to give, doing something nice for someone, etc.  Does it still seem special, or does it now seem childish?
  • What was Christmas like for your parents?  Pass the previous generation of traditions along, too!
  • What is your favorite Christmas music?  When did you first hear it?  I still remember hearing “Silver Bells” for the very first time in 1st grade while making crafts (candle holders) out of clay pigeons. I still love that song.
  • Were you ever afraid of sitting on Santa’s lap?  Did your parents still make you do it? Do you have pictures?
  • Share pictures of Christmas from your childhood.
  • How has Christmas changed from your childhood to now?
  • Did you go to the midnight Church service as a child? Do you now?
  • Do you decorate your house, or Christmas tree, in a particular way?  Why?
  • What is your favorite Christmas smell?

Well, once I started listing them, the ideas just kept coming.  Hopefully, I’ve helped to jump start your December blogs!  I know just starting this list of ideas has helped me out for “One Dad’s Life!”

I’ll see you in January!  Merry Christmas!

“Parent Blogging 101” is published the first Monday of every month, right here on the St. Louis Blogger’s Guild website. As always, if you have topics you’d be interested in seeing in this space, send your ideas and comments to me at “dadincharge at swbell dot net.”   Thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Written by: Gregg


One Response to “Parent Blogging 101 – Traditions”

  1. Great Idea! I just posted about our Thanksgiving Tradition. We get together with my mom’s family, 86 strong, for Thanksgiving Dinner. It is so large we have to rent out a local KC Hall.

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