The Three Blessings of Brevity

Think about your favorite bloggers and then think about the length of their posts.  Are they prolific or concise? Chances are your daily blog reads are short, sweet and to the point.  Though we all love writing, like every writer worth his salt we have to take into account our media and our audience.

With more people experiencing information overload there is no reason to force a lengthy post with TMI.  There are three blessings for the blogger and the reader that come out of brevity:

  1. The shorter your post, the easier it is for your reader to read it – and the more likely they will want to come back to read more.  You don’t want your reader to feel like they need to print out your post in order to digest all that you so painstakingly typed out.  Keeping it brief prevents eye strain and mental overload – your readers will always be grateful.
  2. It can save you sanity.  Sure, some days there is a ton to say and other days you feel like a man or woman of few words.  Without the pressure of having to write a mini-novel every day you are less likely to burn yourself out.
  3. The more concise your post is, the more likely that you have distilled your words down to only those that provide value to your readers, and consistently providing value to your readers is one sure tactic for increasing your loyal following.

The blessing of brevity is that it is a gift for you and your readers, and one of the reasons people are turning to new media for their news and entertainment over MSM.  To quote Grecian, “Good things, when short, are twice as good.”


2 Responses to “The Three Blessings of Brevity”

  1. Well said and concise to boot! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oddly enough, a lot of my favorite bloggers do write the longer, essay-like posts. I don’t, or rarely do, and I often feeling like I’m mailing it in.

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