Carnivals: The Main Attraction

There may be as many reasons someone starts blogging as there are bloggers themselves.  However, bloggers aren’t much different in some ways than poets, novelists, and artists.  While many bloggers may be satisfied if only their friends/family are reading their blogs, others have at least a small desire that their blog be found, and enjoyed by complete strangers.

One way to attract new readers is through participating in Blog Carnivals.  A Blog Carnival is a collection of links to blog posts on a shared theme, collected at regular intervals. A community tends to form around the carnival, as participants will view the entries of other participants, and if someone enjoys a carnival entry on your blog, they may stay and read some others, and then you have them hooked.

Six Examples:

1. Smile for the Camera

If a picture is worth a thousand words, why can’t words be worth a thousand pictures? That’s the premise behind Smile For The Camera ~ A Carnival of Images. Smile is a monthly showcase of articles that will feature the very best of your family photographs or those orphan photographs contained in your collection. The goal of this carnival is to provide a regular showcase of the best of those cherished photographs and articles based on word prompts.

2. Wordless Wednesday

Posts that contain images, but no words.  Originally weekly, WordlessWednesday now creates lists of wordless posts every day of the week.

3. Carnival of Genealogy

A twice-monthly carnival for professional and amateur genealogists/family historians.  There’s a new genealogically related theme every issue.

4. Rants

A collection of rants about politics or anything else, whether it be right wing, left wing, wing nut, liberal, conservative, libertarian, Republican, Democrat, or Independent, or just something you have to say!

5. Book Review Blog Carnival

A carnival of book reviews

6. Carnival of the Cats

A weekly roundup of cat-related posts on weblogs. Its purpose is to “provide a non-political respite from the vehement echo chamber that the Blogosphere spins itself into during the week, demonstrating that even the mightiest and meekest of pundits have a love of cats in common,” Laurence Simon

Written by: John Newmark


One Response to “Carnivals: The Main Attraction”

  1. I just found this site through a post by Todd Jordon (The Broad Brush….link in the blogroll). Getting ready to subscribe.

    I totally agree that Carnivals are worth the time and efforts. As a blogging real estate agent, it’s hard to connect to others in my field since there aren’t very many solid real estate agent blogs in St. Louis and the big RE bloggers feel like a high school clique. Hard to get any attention from them even if you comment on their blogs.

    I find that in addition to traffic that you get from participating in a Carnlval, it really helps you understand what readers like. The buzz you get when you get featured in a Carnival list of winning entries is tremendous. For a blog writer like me that doesn’t get many comments, it’s a way to hear back that people like what I wrote. It also helps you understand what people do like in your writing, and what might be slightly off mark.

    If there are any other St. Louis real estate bloggers around here, I’d love to team up to build up blogging in town. It’s a big enough city for all of us.

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