Shopping in the Holiday Homestretch

We’re in the holiday homestretch with just a few more shopping days left before Christmas. But that doesn’t mean you need to panic. It simply means you need to use your remaining time wisely. If you’re all out of ideas and need some help, consider one or two of the following, all of which will infuse your cash into the local economy:


Pure by Jen is a fabulous, fairly new boutique in the Wildwood Town Center. The boutique was opened in 2007 by owner Jenniffer Rubenstein. Pure stands for Princess, Unique, Rowdy and Elegant – and those are definitely some of the qualities I’d use to describe many of the items I’ve browsed through and/or purchased there. I’d also call them fun, sassy and kicky. The prices are what you’d expect at a boutique, but the sales are pretty good. I bought a dress there last summer for less than $30. And if you sign up for the mailing list, you’ll receive regular coupons for $25 off a purchase of $100 or more. The Web site is still “under construction” and somewhat limited, so you’ll have to visit in person.


The Shoemaker’s House at 14533 Manchester Road in Ballwin is a great place to pick up a nice piece of luggage. But what a lot of people don’t know is that this locally-owned shop also carries Brighton jewelry. The Shoemaker isn’t high tech (IOW, there’s no Web site) but the in-person customer service is the best, and his selection of Brighton watches, necklaces and earrings rivals other area Brighton dealers.


Angel Heaven World is a brand-new St. Louis-based online company that unveiled their interactive Web site on Dec. 11. The site sells a full line of original, wholesome angel dolls, stuffed animals and accessories by St. Louis resident Sharon Hayes, a nationally known author and artist. is a values-based, safe Web site where children can learn to help their angel doll earn its wings by doing good deeds. Need more warm-fuzzies to motivate you to support this new company?  They donated 100 new dolls to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center on the day of their launch.


Mobs, Mayhem & Murder – Okay, that’s not exactly an “It’s a Wonderful Life” kind of title, but if you’ve got a St. Louis-history buff or CSI-lover on your Christmas list, this book could be the perfect gift. St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Tim O’Neil penned this book, which tracks some of the area’s most interesting “Tales from the Police Beat” from 1836 to 2008. You can order the book at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch online store, but if you want it in time for Christmas, you’d probably do better to visit the store’s kiosk at West County Mall or go to a local bookstore.


A word on restaurant gift cards – If you’re going to purchase restaurant gift cards as presents, please consider buying them from a locally-owned restaurant, or at least restaurants that have been affected by area layoffs. Eateries near the brewery or the Chrysler plant in Fenton have certainly felt the pinch of downsizing and would appreciate your patronage.


In all, enjoy these last few days of hustle and bustle before the holidays, then relax and take in the sight of loved ones enjoying the gifts that you lovingly picked out.  Merry Christmas.


Written by: Michelle Cox


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