Member Profile – Five Minutes With Todd Jordan

toddjordan1If you want to know something about social media and networking, Todd Jordan is THE answer man. Todd blogs about an array of subjects – from parenting and photography to social networking.  When not blogging at his home site The Broad Brush he guest blogs at Remarkable and is also a contributor at  

Todd also has a passion for educating and supporting bloggers. The St. Louis blogger’s guild co-founder and board member has spearheaded the BarCamp St. Louis sessions and has organized St. Charles “Tweet-ups”. Read on to learn more about the man behind the blog.

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging to share ideas and neat things I found on the net.  I was an online guy long before I blogged, being on bulletin boards, and an early internet adopter.  I was a late comer to blogging though considering that.  My early blogs attempts are long gone, and I’ve now settled on hosted WordPress.

You’re very much “in the know” when it comes to social media. Is there a new “next big thing” out there you’ve recently discovered?
The next big thing – really already going on – meta applications.  These are applications that work across services and let you write to and read all of your social networking services you are on.  One such tool is  This site brings together Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and more. It’s up and coming and it’s on the web, so no special requirements.

Why did you join the Guild?
I joined the St. Louis Bloggers Guild with a few hopes: to mobilize St. Louis bloggers, get them working together; to learn to be a better blogger; to connect and network with other local bloggers.  Those three things are definitely happening with this guild.

Speaking of mobilizing bloggers, any plans to host more BarCamp St. Louis sessions?
Absolutely there will be more BarCamp St. Louis sessions.  As a matter of fact I’ve got someone lining up the venue already. We are targeting the next one for the first half of February.

I guess I should back up first and ask for a bit of background info on BarCamp.
The biggest things that happen at a BarCamp are the networking and the sharing.  Not only will bloggers get a chance to get face to face with folks from all walks of life, but all levels of online participation.  There will be folks that blog, some that have never heard of a blog, and those that are making their living entirely online.  These folks won’t be just talking to the bloggers, but they’ll be sharing lunch, anecdotes, and asking tons of questions.

As a blogger you’ll be an automatic rockstar too.  A blogger is an expert and opinionated about something and folks at the BarCamp will want to hear about it.  Since the conference is totally ad-hoc, anyone can present on any topic they are passionate about, that means a cupcake blogger can talk about that experience from cooking to blogging about it.

I could talk your ear off about it, but I just wrote a post about it to share as well – “Bringing BarCamp to St. Louis“.

You’ve been blogging for awhile. Do you ever get blogger’s block? How do you deal with that?
Blogger’s block is a constant problem.  I find that I even have block with a great idea on hand.  The best ways to get around that for me are to blog when I’m pumped about it, even if I only have half an idea, and when I have a great idea, force myself to just sit down and write.  It eventually comes once I get the words going.

Visit some of Todd’s favorite posts: “10 Things The Service Taught Me About Social Networking “, “Pepsi are you listening?” and “Quick and Dirty Guide to Joining Social Networking.”


4 Responses to “Member Profile – Five Minutes With Todd Jordan”

  1. hey,Very useful information
    I like it,I hope you will give me lot of information
    see you next time,good luck


  2. Todd is the best! Great to see him spotlighted.

    Todd – Thanks for the cupcake blog shout out!

  3. Thanks for this great profile article on me. You really did a good job.

  4. Love your thoughts on “Blogger’s Block,” Todd. I use my phone, a napkin, heck even my hand as a space to jot down thoughts on a future post idea, so not to lose them. I also begin a draft in WordPress on those ideas and save it until I am ready to complete the post.

    Todd is very enthusiastic about social media and spreading the networking love- thankfully! Always helpful and a great source of information!

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