Five minutes with Melody – Guild member profile

Where are the hottest places to eat in the city? Who serves up the best ice cream martinis? Where can you find burlesque dancing? Melody Meiners knows all. In fact, it is sort of her job to be “in the know” when it comes to what’s going down in “the ‘lou.” Luckily for us, she also blogs about pop culture (like Kanye West’s recent hair mishap) technology and pop-politics on ToastedRav as well as on her personal site, Girls Guide to the Galaxy. Read on to learn more about Melody, a founding member of the Guild and our public relations director. 

Did you get that Aston Martin Vanquish you asked Santa for?

Haha, no I didn’t but I did get a few really cool video games and the chance to spend a lot of time with family and friends.

You’ve got a very cool job working at Toasted Rav. Can you tell us a bit about it.

I am a writer and producer for, which is a St. Louis focused entertainment website.  Basically I am lucky enough to have the chance to write stories and do videos about the interesting people, events, and stuff in St. Louis.  We also get the chance to be creative with videos and projects.

Did your blogging help play a part in securing this job?  How so?

It was through blogging and using Twitter that the staff found my personal blog and started getting in touch with me to do freelance writing for them.  I happened to be freelancing when they needed full-time writers so I crossed my fingers and made the leap from the world of IT to writing full time.

What do you write about on your blog at Toasted Rav?

It is really cool, actually, because I write four stories a day and shoot an average of two videos for the site every week.  We get to write about whatever went want so I tend to focus on my strong suits like technology, fashion, food, art, and going out, but we write about anything and everything.

You’ve been blogging awhile. How do you battle the dreaded “blogger’s block”?

Sometimes when I am stuck I pick a topic and just start from there, other times I chat with people outside or online and it will spark something.  When I am really desperate I pick up “The Writers Block: 186 Ideas To Jump-Start Your Imagination,” and thumb through that.  I keep a notebook in my purse at all times though and anytime I see or hear something interesting I jot it down and leave enough notes around it that I can brainstorm ideas about it.

You’re one of the founding members of the Blogger’s Guild. As someone who has been a huge part of its success, why should bloggers (be they just starting out or ones who’ve been at it awhile) join the guild?

I think the guild is a great resource for keeping current with hot topics, getting in touch with blogging leaders to learn more about it, and it is a pretty cool group of people.  I think with the outreach projects that are being planned and the interactive festival it is also a great resume and experience builder.

Check out Melody’s three favorite posts here, here and of course here.


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