Parent Blogging 101: Narcissism and Exhibitionism

Recently, to prepare for a possible future “Parent Blogging 101” post, I was reading about differing ideas on how much personal information to share online…in particular with regards to your children.  What I found surprised me.  I expected that the majority of the comments would offer the opinion that you need to refrain from using any identifying information.  I don’t personally subscribe to that view in most respects, but I can understand it.  The thing that really surprised me was that a significant portion of the comments I saw indicated that the authors didn’t see ANY reason to have a public blog about your family.

According to these comments, if you were insane enough to write a blog about your family, you could only be one of two things:

  1. A Narcissist, or
  2. An Exhibitionist

I, however, propose a different reason why many people either write, or read, parent blogs:  Parenting is a lonely sport.  Sure, you probably have frequent contact with other parents as you haul your kids from event to event, drop them off at school, or wait at the Pediatrician’s office, but that doesn’t usually provide much opportunity for interaction before Junior is pulling Sis’s hair and the adult conversation grinds to an emergency halt.

Writing a parent blog is a way to get your feelings and observations out there.  Just the act of writing the blog can be therapeutic, but do it long enough and other parents will find you. That’s when the social part of blogging kicks in, and you’ll soon have interaction!  Additionally, the sheer potential audience that the Internet provides means that somewhere out there is someone going through the exact same thing you are!  Dr. Spock probably doesn’t have practical advice for a parent whose child will only eat dinner dressed as Batman, but somebody out in the blogosphere probably knows that if the rest of the family comes to dinner dressed as The Joker, Batman will be outnumbered and go back underground.  Problem solved!

Chances are, if you are reading this, you already know the benefits you have received through blogging about your family.  Please share you experiences, either positive or negative, in the comments.

Unless, of course, you are a narcissist or exhibitionist.

Written by Gregg Mueller


4 Responses to “Parent Blogging 101: Narcissism and Exhibitionism”

  1. I started blogging about my family simply to keep my family, most of whom live out of state, up to date on what my three kids were doing, especially because my mom had cancer and couldn’t visit us much anymore. However, I found that I love to write, and really started to look at it more as a scrapbook of my kids’ lives than anything else. When my mom passed away, it was really cathartic to blog through the experience.

    I LOVE reading other parents’ blogs for the reasons you mentioned above, mainly that it can be lonely raising kids and it’s reassuring to see others in the same boat.

  2. Wow~ I’m trying to figure out which category – narcissist or exhibitionist I might belong to. Perplexing, I think, since not only do I feel these labels are incorrect for me, I’m 99% sure the thousands of other mom/parenting bloggers feel the same way.

    I agree that many started their blogs to connect with other parents, because they adore writing, or because they wanted to help others in some way.

    I started my site to remind moms of the Extraordinary job they do every single day. My goal was to find the ‘extraordinary’ in the small moments in life.

    I will say, I have never heard parenting bloggers categorized this way…can I ask where the comments you mentioned came from?

    I’m going to link to this post via twitter and then come back to see what my mom/parenting bloggy friends think!

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