Digital Daze

While social media continues to expand and impact the world, mainstream media, and the number one means of  distributing that media, seems to have recently experienced a bit of a setback.

In case you haven’t yet heard (because you live in a van down by the river), the DTV conversion from analog TV to digital TV, which was to happen on February 17th, has been officially delayed by four months until June 12th. 

On Wednesday, February 11th, President Obama said, “During these challenging economic times, the needs of American consumers are a top priority of my administration.”  Now, I do not want to criticize the new President, but I must say, I am not fond of this change.  We have all heard about this upcoming event for much of the past year.  I, personally, wrote about it on my blog, Thoughts from Scott, when at the time, we still had 92 days to go.  Every local TV station has included either a PSA or scroll during each newscast, to let everyone know how to prepare for this change.  So now, because only 6 million people (or 2% of the population) have not done anything to get ready for this switch, we (the 98% who have) must endure four more months of tired warnings and infomercials on how to get a converter box or what to do with a government rebate card. 

In my opinion, the only way to get these 6 million people to move on this issue, and either get a converter box, buy a new TV, or switch to cable or satelite, is to pull the plug on their analog TV service.  There is nothing like a TV with no signal to get a person out of his LazyBoy and over to BestBuy in a hurry!  For many people, the only motivating factor to move forward on this issue will be knowing they no longer have a choice.  For now, however, we all have four more months to think about it and wait.  I wonder how many people will be ready on June 12th?

Written by Scott Wheeler


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