Blogging in the ‘Lou: Episode 1

 Thanks to everyone who tuned in for our first podcast last week.  The inaugural episode went very well and we wanted to give you the links from the show. You can find the show’s page on TalkShoe here. For your listening enjoyment, all episodes can be downloaded for play on your mp3 player of choice.  Following are some touchpoints from last week’s episode, which was hosted by Patrick D. and Mike Wilkerson.


  1. St. Louis Blogger’s Guild: Parenting 101-Narcissism or Exhibitionism
  2. Geeks Are Sexy: 10 Reasons Why Blogger’s Hate Blogging
  3. The Web
  4. PunchKitty: Confirmed Charter to File for Bankruptcy
  5. St. Louis Blogger’s Guild: Digital Daze

Thank you again to everyone who listened.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely and we look forward to episode two, next Thursday night.

Written by: Patrick D.


3 Responses to “Blogging in the ‘Lou: Episode 1”

  1. Thanks for the link guys… and nice podcast 😉

  2. Thanks for the Geeky and Sexy Comment! Be sure to stop back next time for our second episode and please send us more topic-centric feedback. It simply can’t grow without it and we’re always appreciative of both supportive comments and constructive criticism.

    Have a great evening and we look forward to future input!

  3. Thanks for using my blog as a reference and talking point on your show! Appreciate the plug.
    Scott Wheeler
    Thoughts from Scott

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