Outreach = Reach Out!

Hi there!  I’m Kim, fellow blogger and Outreach Director of the St. Louis Blogger’s Guild.  I’m the first person in this position, which is good, because I don’t have that “how can I ever live up to my predecessor” anxiety.  However, it’s a drawback, because no one left me any guidelines. 


I’ve been thinking about what exactly an Outreach Director should do.  I decided to start with the obvious – reach out.  “But how?” You may ask.  Well, here are a few ideas to get us started:


  • Reach out to fellow bloggers in our area, to invite them to our meetings and events.  Not only to add members to our guild, but to share our knowledge and passion for social media with others.  Invite the writer of a non-Guild blog (or two) that you regularly follow to a meeting.


  • Reach out to our communities.  Our members are scattered all over the area – from Illinois to West County, and all points in between.  I’m sure each member has a local cause that is important to them – let’s hear about it, and figure how we can help. 


  • Reach out to each other.  We aren’t just bloggers.  Do you need a photographer, a computer programmer, a graphic artist, a website developer, a radio talk show host, a biologist, a patent and trademark professional?  We’ve got that, and a lot more.  Let’s support each other’s professions, and advertise the skills of our members.


  • Reach out to the children.  Kids are starting to use computers and the internet at younger ages.  Sadly, teaching kids “stranger danger” is just as important when they are sitting in their own home, as it is if they are outside.  Let’s work with them to teach them not only safe computing, but responsible computing as well.   

  • Reach out to the internet.  We may just be local today, but with the hard work and enthusiasm of our members, we could be the encouragement that other cities need to start their own Guilds, which in turn someday might lead to one big nationwide, or even worldwide, Guild. 


These are just a few suggestions.  I am honored to be the Outreach Director, and will endeavor to do my best on behalf of our organization.


Written by: Kim


One Response to “Outreach = Reach Out!”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to outline some of the most important pieces of our St. Louis Bloggers Guild puzzle, Kim. Finding direction in such a diverse group of individuals is probably the largest mountain to climb, and with people like you at the helm, I am confident that the growing and talented pool of bloggers (insert growing listing of other skills sorted through below) that comprise our ranks will make great strides in the future.

    Again, my thanks and I look forward to working with you in the near future.


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