Blogging in the ‘Lou – All Ur Sources R Belong to Us

Episode two of the new podcast put on by the St. Louis Blogger’s Guild was another success, minus, of course, my awkward pause as I failed early to hear Mike’s question.  Other than that, however, it was a great second show.
Here are the links from the show. The show’s page on TalkShoe is located here and all episodes can be downloaded for play on your mp3 player of choice.
Week two’s hosts were:
Mike Wilkerson of
and Jessica Hickok of
The covered topics were as follows:


Thanks again to everyone who tuned in.  For those of you who haven’t yet heard the show, take a moment to click over to TalkShoe and hear for yourself.  You can download the show directly onto your Mp3 player to listen at your convenience.  We would love to hear some feedback from oue listeners so please feel free to leave a comment here or at any one of the host’s sites and let us know what you think.

Written by: Patrick


One Response to “Blogging in the ‘Lou – All Ur Sources R Belong to Us”

  1. Great show Patrick! Thanks for the plug and comments about my site and recent posts.
    Scott Wheeler
    Thoughts from Scott

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