Parenting 101: Ten Blogging Ideas

If you are writing a blog that focuses on being a parent or just a blog about your family, there are going to be days where it is VERY easy to write. These are the days when your kids have a birthday, or have a great accomplishment. The problem is, major life events like this just don’t happen every day. Where do you find ideas for all the OTHER days of the year? So, this month, I am presenting just a few places to look for inspiration for blog posts to fill in those days between your son winning that dance contest, or your daughter winning a gold medal in the Olympic shot put competition.

1. Describe some aspect of your daily routine, and what makes it special for you. Maybe there is a particular phrase you say to the kids when you drop them off at school, or send them out the door each day. Maybe you share stories about the day around the dinner table. Perhaps there is a special treat that you like to get for your kids. Tell the world!

2. Compare/contrast some area of your childhood with your childrens’. You can talk about your kids’ favorite toy, then yours (as a child – unless you are still playing with it!). You could even compare that to what YOUR paren’ts favorite toys were, if you know. How have things changed over time? How have they stayed the same? What about the music your kids listen to compared to you? Do you share tastes or are your tastes at opposite ends of the musical spectrum?

3. Picture days. Sure, you won’t always be able to pull off that cute picture of your kid covered from head to toe in spaghetti, but sometimes a simple picture of them in their room, just playing tells all the story that needs to be told. We tend to take pictures of all the special events, but not the normal moments. I’m certainly guilty of that and it is something that I’d like to change. Who knows but that shot of your daughter brushing her teeth may turn into your favorite photo! The rest of us would probably like to see it, too. Remember, if you have steady readers, they are interested in your family, too.

4. Find the light side of something that drives you nuts. Is there something you threaten your kids with when you are picking up all their STUFF? Write about it. Do you sometimes spend an entire Saturday – your only free day – shuttling your kids around? Do you get in silly arguments with your children that have you sounding every bit as much as a kid as them? The rest of us would like to know that we aren’t alone!

5. A Day in the Life. There are a lot of popular, and interesting, books written from the aspect of “A Day in the Life.” Why not make your own version on your blog? Take a little point and shoot camera with you everywhere and document your typical day with photos and text.

6. Lessons learned. Sometimes, we don’t realize what we’ve learned from someone until many years later. Maybe a parent told you something, and just TODAY you finally understood. Maybe a teacher in school made a remark that you think about every single day, even though you didn’t realize the impact it would have on you when you first heard it. This is probably something that is worth passing on!

7. Turn the tables. Perhaps there is something your kids or family would like to write about you! It’s probably only fair, seeing as you write about them every other day. How about giving them a chance to strike back? Maybe they could repeat one of your posts, but written from their perspective!

8. Brag. Sure, it’s easy to go crazy with this one, but a little bragging isn’t a bad thing. In fact, why not brag about the little things. Does your son or daughter always hold the door for people? Are they polite on the phone? Do they resist peer pressure? Do they take care of things at home without being asked – just because it needs to be done? Are they protective of their siblings? What makes them a unique individual? What little things make you proud of them?

9. Quote of the day. This one takes a little bit of preparation and planning on your part. If you are anything like me, your kids will say something that is just hilarious, and unless you write about it right away, you’ll forget it – despite assurances to yourself that you’ll NEVER forget this one! Why not bring a small notebook around with you, or record observations in your voicemail. There has GOT to be an iPhone app that does this for you, but I’m no technically advanced person so I couldn’t tell you. Don’t let those cute things your kids (of all ages – I still get them from my teen) tell you get lost with all the other things in your head.

10. The Great Escape. Despite how rewarding parenting is, there are certainly days you question your decision to have kids. What do you do to escape, if only temporary? Is there a dark corner of your coat closet you hide in with your iPod? Is tea in the garden your escape? What would your DREAM escape be, if you were able (and willing) to spend a week away from the kids?

Hopefully, these brief ideas spark your imagination for your blogs. Have fun!

Written by: Gregg Mueller

“Parent Blogging 101” is a monthly feature published on the first Monday of each month on the St. Louis Blogger’s Guild website.  If there is a topic you’d like to see addressed here, please email Gregg at


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