Five Minutes With Patrick

patrickphto2“Geek, Father, Husband, Agnostic, Liberal.” If you want to know what Patrick is about? Look no further than his blog’s former tagline. The engaging writer behind Patrick Says loves to talk tech, television and pop culture. He’s also the innovator behind St. Louis Blogger’s Guild podcast, Blogging In The ‘Lou. If you haven’t yet, check out Patrick’s blog and the podcast where he tackles all sorts of blog related subjects!

When did you first start blogging and why?

I satrted blogging back in 1992. Of course, it was in a program called WordStar and the Internet wasn’t around yet, so it was just on the floppy disk I had. I took a break, well ‘break’ as in ‘lost the floppy’. When I came back to blogging, it was 2005 and I hopped on Blogspot. Originally, my reason was that I fancy myself a writer and a blog would give me the place to practice my craft and hone my skill. Later, it just devolved into me making fun of stuff and whining, you know, like the rest of the blogosphere.

What was the impetus behind creating the Guild’s podcast?

I was at one of the earliest meetings of what would eventually become the Guild. I happened to not be at the meeting where it became official and hence, not a founder. (No, I’m not bitter. Much.) Anyway, at some point, we talked about the areas the Guild would venture into. One arm was the idea of a podcast. I listen to a fair amount of podcasts. Also, no one seemed to be moving it forward and so I just kind of took it. Of course, I NEVER envisioned me as the on-air talent. I’m a mumbler and I’m fine with that. So the idea of me hosting a podcast was very argh.

Have any favorite podcasts you love to listen to? (Why?)

I like the tech podcasts. I listen to two from Jeff Chandler, Perfcast as well as WordPress Weekly and This Week in Tech which is basically ‘The Screen Savers’ from the old TechTV days. That’s about all I can squeeze in each week with a very short commute to work.

I’ve noticed you don’t include archives – you link each post to a few related posts. You also keep your posts short. Any reasons behind that?

Well, the Archives thing was really unintentional. I used to have that page. But really, I’ve never been to a blog where I wondered what the author wrote on June 14, 2007. My hard and fast rule has always been to have a search box. People know what they’re looking for.

I like to keep my posts short because of the attention span on the Net these days. I know if I see a blog post that’s eight REALLY long paragraphs, it better be phenomenal. People like things in bite-size pieces.

How has your blog (and you as a blogger) changed over that time?

I think I’ve gotten more real. In my very early days, I tried comedic bits that really fell flat. Just awful. Now I just talk about things. I TRY to make them interesting things. As always, nobody cares what you had for lunch.

Patrick’s three favorite posts can be found here, here, and here.


2 Responses to “Five Minutes With Patrick”

  1. This guy is a complete idiot. I would know.

  2. Sometimes, there is a lot to be said for that, though!

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