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The St. Louis Bloggers’ Guild is an organization of bloggers who create Web content for websites, be them their own or corporate. Bloggers are unrepresented in most markets; bloggers are prevented from joining most traditional writers’ unions, like those governing newspaper journalists, and may be under-represented in others. As blogging gains popularity and an increased audience, social media’s influence and potential is more valuable than ever before. We exist to promote and protect the work and skills of these bloggers.

Business Director, Founder
Dana Loesch

Lisa Bertrand , Melody Meiners , Raquita Henderson , Tam , Todd Jordan , Craig Wagner

Site Editor
Kelli Stuart

Public Relations
Melody Meiners

Membership Director

Outreach Coordinator
Kim Dorsey

Forums Administrator
Raquita Henderson

IT Director
Craig Wagner

St. Louis New Media Awards Coordinators
Lori Feldman, Mike Wilkerson
About the founders:

Dana Loesch Dana Loesch Dana works as blogger and hosts her own talk radio show on KFTK 97.1 FM Talk. In addition to her personal blog, www.mamalogues.com, Dana has written for corporate parenting communities as well as St. Louis Magazine, The Riverfront Times, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and is a contributing editor at Blogher. She was named the Riverfront Times Best Columnist of 2007 for her popular newspaper column on motherhood and was selected as one of St. Louis’s “30 Under 30” by the St. Louis Business Journal in 2008. Her website was pitched as a network television sitcom in 2006. She is regularly featured on local television and appeared on the nationally-broadcast Fine Living network. She lives with her husband and their two young sons in St. Louis City.

Lisa Bertrand Lisa lives in West County with her Sudoku-loving husband, Wii-addicted son and “cranky old lady” dog. These days, she’s a professional blogger who spends her days working in her jammies while trying to convince herself that she doesn’t need a 12-step program for her soda addiction. She began blogging (Midwestern Mommy) in January of 2005, then two years later, created Midwestern Mommy Reviews, where she writes product reviews for Parent Bloggers Network (PBN) and Moms Central. Lisa also manages product review campaigns for PBN.

Melody Meiners Melody lives and blogs in St. Louis. She has degrees from Webster University in English Literature and Education and she isn’t afraid to use them. She blogs about pop-culture and pop-politics at Girls Guide to the Galaxy™ . Her hobbies include reading, traveling, and enagaging in social media. She works as writer and producer for ToastedRav.com to support her clothing and pizza problem.

Raquita Henderson Raquita, Resident W.O.B.L is truly a jack of all trades. She firmly believes a clean desk is a sign of cluttered desk drawer. She’d like to avoid desks all together in her future. Currently headlining as a photographer, she is also her mother’s web master, her friends’ life coach, budding graphic designer, wife and mom to two beautiful daughters, big dog Anubis, and one lucky hubby – if you believe him – and lastly a poet, which is how this blog thing got started in the beginning. She takes the most comfort in drowning herself in artistic endeavors and would like to try quilting next. The lunacy she calls life is documented on her blog, WOBL in Training.

Todd Jordan Todd isn’t just a great programmer, but he’s been a burger slinger, a movie usher, dressed mannequins, and run the engine room in a nuclear submarine. He’s watched movies in theaters from coast to coast, and in foreign countries as well. Even several in foreign languages. From climbing the Rock of Gibraltar to plumbing the depths of the Atlantic, he’s traveled all around having fun, learning things and drinking strange brews. There are rumors he glows in the dark, that he’s an alien, and that he used to be in the Intelligence community. One of those might be true. He blogs about his experiences at The Broad Brush. His topics range from social media tools like Seesmic to taking photographs with a DSLR, to dining out for Brazilian food.

Craig Mayhem Craig is one of the warped minds behind superfunpatrol.net. He is a comedian, podcaster, comedy writer and makes money as a computer nerd. He also enjoys playing and recording music. Mr. Mayhem loves the city of St. Louis and has lived there for 16 years and is a big believer of supporting city businesses and projects. Craig eagerly awaits the day that affordable robots can mow the lawn. He has no children, but he does have two cats – one that he hates and one that he loves. They are the ying and yang of cats. There is a sign in Craig’s yard that says, “Beware of Devil” just to confuse the neighbors.

3235732912_8623f1496c_m1Tam is a working mom (aren’t all moms though?) to two little “buns” that keep her on her toes and a wife to a fabulous hubby. She’s winging this thing called parenthood and trying her best to not mess her children up too much in the process. She loves it when her kids are NOT in the car, and she can have the windows down and crank HER music up LOUD. She’s been blogging since August 2007 at A Bun’s Life.

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