We don’t believe that you must be a professional blogger to be a valued contributor to the online community. However, we do believe that you have to recognize bloggers’ rights and potential to join the STLBG.

Our members are active within the local blogosphere and work together to promote and protect our work. Members receive a Guild Member badge for their blogs, are added to the Guild’s blogroll, and have access to the Guild’s online forums. Members are also eligible to attend our monthly meetings, participate in future conferences, receive referrals regarding professional opportunities, and more.

We do ask that you have three months of archives and post somewhat regularly. We only ask this because many blogs are started with the best of intentions but are then given up on; we’re lazy and want to make sure that our list of members contains no inactive websites.

Guild dues are modest at $40 per year to cover hosting (not our temporary setup here), promotion, supplies, Guild events, and any other expenses incurred with our activities. It will NOT be used for any shopping sprees to Ikea. Please note that financial assistance is available, as we at the Guild are committed to including all bloggers who wish to participate, regardless of their financial situation.

To apply for membership, please answer the following questions and send to the address below.

Who are you and what is your blog URL (though we probably already read you)?

Why do you want to join the St. Louis Bloggers Guild?

Are you interested in participating in Guild events like mentoring programs, helping with Guild events, drinking lots of lattes at meetings?

Send your query to Tam here, subject line “St. Louis Bloggers Guild.”

We have our application system set up in a way to ward off spam blogs, several of which have applied (seriously?). Tam will respond to your query ASAP plus give you information on how to submit membership dues. After dues are received you will be added to the blogroll, sent your member badge, given access to the forums, and more.

We thank you for your interest and support, and look forward to working with you! If you’ve any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Tam.

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