You don’t have to be a blogger or join the Guild to show that you care about St. Louis Bloggers’ rights and potential. Show your support for the St. Louis Bloggers Guild by downloading a badge and displaying it on your blog with a link back to More badges to come. Right click and save!

If you put a badge on your site please let us know – we’re compiling a list of our supporters to showcase on the site.


4 Responses to “Support”

  1. Though I’m not from St. EL, I feel compelled to say a little ‘thanks’ to you all for finding the time to take action to protect your area bloggers. I’m hugely appreciative of your blogs and find this to be a really, really worthy cause.

  2. Awesome idea. I’m in Atlanta and wish we had one of these guilds! Maybe I’ll start one? I really like the work coming out of your area. I was exposed to it all by the one and only Tojosan whom I met on utterz, then twitter. Amazing group of voices from the lovely state of Missouri.

    Your Blogger Bro,

  3. I’m so happy to see this guild formed! What a wonderful response to recent issues plaguing your local bloggers. Way to go!!

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