What We Do

The St. Louis Bloggers Guild is more than just a blogroll of the local Who’s Who in blogging. It’s a community organized to inform, promote, protect, and connect area bloggers not just to each other, but to the community at large.

Inform: We want to keep bloggers up-to-date about the latest trends, news, and anything of interest to the blogging community, especially issues that affect their work and rights. The STLGB website is a hub-of-sorts, a medium to disseminate information. We hold monthly meetings to discuss these issues and any new developments, to identify and remedy any obstacles, and to plan our community outreach.

Community outreach plays a big role. The STLBG plans to hold regular sessions to help new bloggers with any questions or problems they may have.  We’re also discussing hosting a regular speaker series related to social media, sponsoring mentoring programs regarding Web 2.0, holding conferences, and doing charitable work.

Promote: We promote the skills of Guild members via this website and also through each other. We want to attract businesses looking for bloggers and hope to refer our members for possible jobs within social media.

Protect: It’s an odd time for media right now. Newspaper circulations are plummeting, broadcast news is dropping in ratings, media is undergoing a regression and giving greater influence to the citizens and less to the major outlets which have dominated for so long. The internet gives way to an expansion in intellectual property rights. Never in our history have we had such a wealth of information and distribution than right now – but with all of these mediums comes new and easier ways to exploit intellectual property. There are numerous stories of how companies have infringed upon bloggers’ intellectual property. While there are organizations to protect screenwriters, novelists, and journalists, there isn’t an organization solely devoted to protecting the rights and intellectual property of bloggers. We know that strength comes in numbers and we intend to use that to protect out communal rights.

While some members of the Guild are legally represented and/or work closely with intellectual property and internet attorneys, we are working to have such counsel available as an associate of the Guild.

Connect: This website is used to connect bloggers to the issues; our forums, private monthly meetings, and regular public meetups are used to connect bloggers to each other. Our conferences, speaker series, mentoring programs, et al. are ways for bloggers to connect to the community.

So much is available to you as a member of the St. Louis Bloggers Guild. If you’re a blogger, we hope you’ll join us. If you have special skills that you think are valuable to our community and are interested in participating, please let us know.

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